Behind the name Brighid

In our Croft, and very near to the house, there is a ruin of a temple known as Teampall Bhrìghid along with a burial ground.

Further up from this there is also a spring well known as Tobar Bhrìghid all dedicated to St Brigid. Within the burial ground, it is also believed a Viking king known as Swain is buried. The ruin is barely visible other than scaring on the ground and a raised mount of stone. The well is still running and gave a plentiful supply of cold silky smooth water filtered through the lewisian gneiss rock.

Many times in my childhood I drank from the well when my parents worked the Croft and we would use the well to quench our thirst after a hard day playing in the hay, or later helping to lift the potatoes.

Today the well isn’t used as much, but now the house is complete it is on my to-do list to clean up the well and surrounding area.

— Roddy